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Port Douglas Eco Segway Tours reserves the right to add, withdraw, substitute and/or vary advertised routes, prices and departure times for tours, activities and Gift Certificates, without notice. However, reasonable effort will be made to maintain the advertised product.


I grant Port Douglas Eco Segway the right to photograph and or videotape myself and the members of my family group listed below and further to use the name, face, likeness, voice and appearance of myself and/or the members of my family group listed below in connection with exhibitions, publicity, advertising and promotional materials without reservation or limitation.


Arrival and check-in for your tour 15 minutes prior to the agreed commencement time.. If this does not occur, Port Douglas Segway Tours may, at its discretion refuse participation of the tour without refund. All participants will be required to sign a Tour Participation and Disclaimer Indemnity Form upon arrival. The form includes but is not limited to the statements that the participant has read and understood their obligations and participates at their own risk. All participants under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian and the parent or guardian must sign the under 18 indemnity form. It is advisable to be covered by Travel or personal injury insurance Port Douglas Segway Tours start at Jalanbu Park on the corner of Mowbray St and Garrick St Port Douglas behind the Surf club. Also an alternative training area across the road at Reynolds Park. Reservations are required for our tours and can be made online at segway.net.au or at our participating tour booking offices or by phone on 0456 383 287. On street parking is available at Jalanbu Park and has a 3 hour limit which is sufficient time for our tour.


  • Whenever you ride a Segway you risk death or serious injury from loss of control, collisions, and falls. It is your responsibility to learn how to safely ride the Segway in order to reduce this risk. To ride safely you must follow all instructions taught to you during training, and abide by the safe operating guidelines set out by Segway inc. These materials are available at www.segwaysafety.com
  • Participants must weigh between 45 and 118KG as recommended by the manufacturer of the Segway PT, Segway Inc.
  • Minimum participant age for a Segway X2 SE Guided tour is 12 years old. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure they have read and understood the age and weight restrictions.
  • All participants from the age of 12 to 18 must be accompanied by an adult
  • Riders must wear a helmet. Helmets will be provided.
  • It is recommended riders wear suitable closed toe footwear (e.g. trainers). Thongs and similar footwear are not safe when riding a Segway. All participants who don't arrive in the correct footwear, will not be able to participate X2 SE take out X2 SE
  • Riders must be able to stand for the duration of the guided tour or experience which is up to 2 hours
  • Riders must be able to stand and walk unassisted
  • Riders must be able to step on-to and off the base of their machine unassisted (following training). The step is approximately 8 inches / 20 cm high
  • Riders must be able to lean from side to side, forwards and backwards, whilst standing upright on the machine.
  • Riders must follow the instructions of their trainer, tour Leader or other Supervisors at all times. Failure to follow such instructions will result in their Segway tour being cancelled.
  • Riders must have adequate vision in order to safely operate a Segway, and must wear any prescribed glasses where appropriate.
  • Riders must inform their trainer and or Guide of any vision impairments which may affect their safety before participating in a Segway guided tour.
  • Pregnant women or people with back injuries and or other serious health problems should not participate in the Segway Tour.
  • Port Douglas Segway Tours has a strict policy against alcohol and drug consumption while operating a Segway . Alcohol is forbidden on all Segway tours and any client suspected of drinking or on illegal drugs before or during a Segway tour will immediately forfeit their tour and no refund will be given.


Port Douglas Segway reserves the right to prohibit any participant, prior to commencement, during training or during the activity, from participating our Segway tour, if they fail to meet the Rider Requirements or do not maintain, at the tour guide’s discretion, acceptable behaviour, as specified in these terms and conditions. In such cases, no refunds or alternative dates will be given.


Inclement weather will not normally prevent the tour to be cancelled therefore we do encourage participants to wear weather appropriate dress and shoes. Segway Guided tours will not proceed should Port Douglas Segway decide in its absolute discretion, whether for safety reasons or otherwise, to cancel these activities.

Should any tour not proceed, participants will be rescheduled at their convenience, or be issued with a refund voucher.

In the case of purchases bought through a third party selling Port Douglas Segway tours, the customer will be reimbursed the price paid for the activity less 15%, but otherwise shall have no claim whatsoever (including no claim for travel expenses or any other out-of-pocket expenses) relating to the cancellation of a Segway guided tour. Gift Certificates are not refundable.


A minimum of 24 hours’ notice is required. Bookings will be rescheduled to a mutually convenient date/time. Tour booking participants will be issued with a voucher.

Failure to arrive for the scheduled Guided tour will incur a full cost of tour cancellation fee. A refund will not be given for any part of a Guided Tour after the participant has commenced the training section. A refund will be granted only when it is deemed by the instructor that the participant is incapable of riding a Segway


Port Douglas Segway excludes all responsibility for damage or loss of personal items whilst storing property at the site of the Segway training area. Or the loss of personal property while on tour.


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